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Entertainment : Dancing

Adress: Národní 22

Praha 1
Phone: 2591 2249
Open: 11.30-02.00 "Mainly for Gays and most definitely overdone as far as the décor goes, but popular. "

Adress: Bělehradská 120

Praha 2
Phone: 251 210
Open: Daily. 21.00-05.00 More of an institution now, it is reasonably popular with the younger western residents. The restaurant above makes this a good spot to visit.

MapCKD Disco
Adress: Na můstku 9

Praha 1
Phone: 24226288
Open: 20.30-06.00 Slap-bang at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, on top of the CKD building, you can't really miss it. There are really 2 discos in the same building, one on the first floor which is the modern type and one on the fifth which boasts 'Golden Oldies'. It can also seat around 500 in the restaurant, so it isn't small. The prices are reasonable with International food prices from around 100 Kc.

Adress: Národní 22

Praha 1
Phone: 2491 4414

vasova@volny.czTancirna spolecenskych tancu Blanky Vasove
Adress: Muzeum hl. m. Prahy

Praha 1 - Florenc
Phone: +420 224 81 39 36, 561 05 53
Mobile: +420 603 23 80 90

Adress: Novotného lávka 1

Praha 1
Phone: 2421 4797
Open: 24 hours. This used to be a homely, slightly seedy sort of place, but is now a very popular, slick disco. (AMEX, DC, EC, MC, V, JCB)

Adress: Primátorská 3/172

Praha 8
Open: NON STOP A famous Prague disco. A touch out of the way but they have good music and a menu from 150 Kc.

Adress: Na příkopě 15

Praha 1
Phone: 2421 6073 Ext.255
Open: Mon.-Sat. 20.00-04.00, Sun. 18.00-24.00 Live bands and Discos in a multi-level area.

Adress: Novotného lávka 5

Praha 1
Phone: 2481 1937

Adress: Dlouhá 33

Praha 1
Phone: 2481 0951
Open: Daily. 17.00-02.30 Popular with the young tourists. Plays a lot of 'Oldies'.