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Arts : Restorers

Adress: Fibichova 2

Praha 3
Phone: 272 336
Phone/Fax: 627 4665
(Cooperative of artists involved in the repair of historic buildings in Prague) Plasterers - Painters - Gold leaf. Also Carpenters, Sculptors, Smiths in Iron and Lead and Stonemasons. They specialise in rendering plumbing aesthetically and in all normal and historic restoration work.

MapREINEX s.r.o.
Adress: Kolmá 4

Praha 9
Phone: (02) 823537
Phone/Fax: 824054
Our company offers you all types of restoring and artistic craftsmanship, such as: stucco, decorative house- painting, gilding, wood-carving, mounting, stained-glass work and other professions. We are able to provide a complete reconstruction of historical monuments.

MapRestauratorske prace - Lachman
Adress: V Korytech 5/1648

Praha 10
Phone: 76 92 85
Repairing of historical furniture, smaller restoretion work.

Adress: Ke Břvům 44

Praha 5 (Sobín - metro Zličín)
Phone: +420 220980596, 20981696
Reconstruction and renovation of historic furniture and antiques. Reproductions and reconstruction of building interiors and exteriors. Upholstery work. Theme decoration of shops and meeting rooms.

Adress: Bryksova 1061

Praha 9
Phone: +420 2861277
Phone/Fax: +420 281862682
For cleaning and restoration of carpets and tapestries, historical costumes, flags, banners and other textiles. They also make replicas. Also restoration of works of art and collectors pieces