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Doing business in the Czech Republic has passed through stages reminiscent of the Gold-rush to those of consolidation and a general nervousness, on to major expansion and reaping the rewards of early investment up until now when the political situation is in turmoil but the economy is still strong with a new market hungry for every new product or service. There is only one major piece of advice for those who are interested in dipping your fingers into this great new market. Make sure you have all the rules absolutely clear before you start. This is a very different business climate to the one that most are used to. There are many problems involved with starting a new enterprise in this country. The main of though seems to be that of knowing where to go, what to ask for and how to communicate once you establish contact with the right people. Our pages should help you to find experts who can at least get you started in the right offices with the right equipment and the right staff. Our other pages will put you in contact with those that will help you to run your business effectively.
Dave Kelvin