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Gone are the days when a shop in the centre might only have shelves and shelves of sugar, and only sugar, for sale. Now the butchers have exotic-looking cuts hanging in the window and the previously abundant strips of bacon, without the lean bits, have been relegated to a low shelf at the back. Gorgeous, fresh vegetables are everywhere, even if the shop-keeper might not quite know what to do with the particular vegetable that he is now selling. The large, Western-style supermarkets sell an intriguing selection of Czech goods and high-priced foreign imports. So, if you look about you might find what looks to be the same item selling in the same shop for vastly differing sums. If you are like me, then, when you away being a professional tourist, this strange, overwhelming urge comes over you and you just have to buy that cheap watch or picture that you know will look ghastly when you get it home. Here are some places to help you to satisfy that urge.
Dave Kelvin