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Clubs seem to come and go and go and go go. I haven't discovered the real reason for this. There have been massive music places with a thriving business serving floods of beer and crowds fighting to get in which have suddenly disappeared from the map. Occasionally music clubs form, flare and fade and people get sad, only to move on to the next new, lively spot. Some clubs have been around for years and have become Prague institutions. This doesn't mean that I advise you to visit them, they are just there, that's all.

The jazz in the jazz clubs is of a very high quality although if you become a regular you will soon notice that a sort of hard core of top musicians form the basis of a myriad of groups. The clubs are generally informal and the atmosphere is usually great. Entrance prices are usually in the region of 2 USD or about half a gallon of petrol in the U.K., as I like to think of it.
Dave Kelvin

Adress: Staroměstské náměstí 20

Praha 1
Phone: 2422 0947

Adress: V Hájích 345

Praha 4
Phone: 792 3793
The name probably speaks for itself.

Adress: Na Perštýně 18

Praha 1
Phone: 231 4333
Open: 12.00-21.00. This is club is aimed more at the wealthy company directors and friends.

Adress: Saldova 17

Praha 8
Phone: 2326 840

Adress: Křemyslova 5

Praha 4
Phone: 436 916
Non-stop.It doesn't take much in the way of translating ability to interpret the name, or the idea.