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Maybe this section should be called "Food and DRINK".

Around the time of the Revolution and for a while afterwards, Prague was a pretty miserable place in which to try to experience culinary ecstasy. Restaurant staff had a marvellous time syphoning off respectable sums from the state owned enterprises and from the few brave, but anwary, Western visitors. It was quite difficult to complain when you couldn't understand the rules, the conventions or even one word of the language. This habit took a while to die off and it was actually a few years before staff realised that their businesses relied upon service, quality and, most of all, profit to stay in business.

Now, while still lagging behind a little in variety, Prague has a healthy, thriving and interesting selection of restaurants that can cater for almost every taste in eating.

Now, I like food. Therefore I feel that, as someone who eats nearly every day (not "out", just who eats), I can say that I would match some of our restaurants for quality and price against anything that the West has to offer.

Regarding "Drink", the Czech Republic is aeons ahead of the rest of us. The beer is exquisite, the girls are lovely, sorry, the wine from S. Moravia is lovely, the vodka comes in a million different tastes, bottles and prices (a bit like whisky) and the sub-culture that surrounds the entire subject of alcohol is rich beyond mere words. I rather believe that if it wasn't for the fact that I hate becoming 'tired and emotional' (or drunk, as the state is otherwise known) I think I would probably be a dead man by now.
Dave Kelvin