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The Czech Republic is a great place to relax in. What do you like? Touring? Music? Spending money? Drinking? Admiring magnificent architecture? Sport? Or maybe just not doing very much at all. You are in the right place. The countryside is beautiful (as long as you avoid some of the wastes of North Bohemia). The people are friendly (except perhaps some of the police and various service personnel in central Prague - but I think the same applies to almost any capital). The food and drink is cheap (and good if you take care and check our pages first). The entertainment is generally top quality (a full night out for two will probably cost you less than cinema tickets for 4 in London). Finally, I envy you. How I would like to be in your shoes and visit this country for the first time again. I hope our pages will help to give you an insight into where to go and what to do. An almost impossible search otherwise without at least a bit of informed help.

Emergency numbers
Road assistance21054
City police156
State police158
Gas emergencies21239
Locksmiths+420 608 321 819
Vet emergency24447 0704

Usefull numbers
CR Telephone directory enquiries1180
International Directory enquiries1181
National Operator service133002
Telegrams (by phone)133001
Alarm/wake-up service125
Main post office, Jindřišská 14, Praha 124 22 88 56