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Public transport in Prague

The basic 14 KC ticket allows you to travel on only one means of transport for up to 15 minutes.

The 20 KC ticket gives you 90 minutes and you can change your means of transport within the three services.

These tickets can be bought either from;Tabak shops (where you ask ; jizdenky prosim), or often from the little stalls selling cheap books within the metro station areas.

After you buy a ticket you have to validate it by putting it into a slot on the top of a yellow column at the head of the escalators.

On a tram or bus you have to slide the ticket into a contraption attached to various columns in the bus or tram. This will marks the ticket.

There are no regular ticket inspectors, but they do have spot checks quite often and they are entitled to fine you up to 5.000 CZK on the spot. (As with other fines, you don't actually have to pay on the spot even if it seems like it.) He is able to give you a ticket explaining where and when you have to pay.

For information (in various languages) on the bus system please call +420 296 19 18 17.