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Bars and Wine-Bars : Wines

The Whites
Bzenecká lipka
A Rieisling-style wine from South Moravia. Very light.

Developed by (surprise!) a Mr. Muller of Thurgau village. A good all-round wine, slightly dryish with an interesting yellowish-green colour. Most of the coopoeratives produce it because of its constant qualities.

A rich, strong white. Not for summer drinking, but good with game dishes (or, indeed, certain games.)

A blend of a Riesling and a rich, almost spicy wine - Veltinske. The result is a very aromatic, rich wine.

Pleasant gold colouring with a French feel about it. Rich and medium-dry. A standard.

Rulandské Grey
Uncommon, aromatic, strong, quality wine.

Ryzlink Rýnský
Another standard. Golden with a pleasant bouquet. Good to drink in hot weather and with fish dishes. Moravian versions are the best.

Ryzlink Vlašský
(Pronounced "Vlashskee"), another summer drink, light and pleasant with a fresh aroma.

Different from its French relation, but still a rich and spicy wine. Very good, fruity taste.

Sylvánské Green
Green, with a gentle bouquet. Rich, spicy taste.

Colloquially known as a 'ladies wine'. Golden and, initially, strange-tasting, spicy wine. Sweetish wine more suitable for desserts.

Vetlínské Green
Interesting, very spicy wine. More of an acquired taste. Light colouring with a strong aroma.

Zlatý hrozen
A blend of Ryzlink, Sauvignon, Rulanske and Tramin. The result is a pleasing yellow wine with a gentle spicy flavour.

The Reds
Deep red, fruity. A red standard. Ones bottled in 'Velke Pavlovice' are generally best.

Dark red, mellow wine.

Rich, deep-red velvety wine.

Rich, deep-red velvety wine.

Pleasing, strong red. Good with roast meats. Not as common as the above wines.
Dave Kelvin